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Windows and glass conservatory roofs can be expensive to replace and fix, so it is important to keep them in good condition to avoid damage, and therefore, the need to replace roofing. The most economical way of ensuring that your conservatory roof system is clean and pristine is to regularly clean it with suitable products. Both windows and conservatories roofing systems play a vital role in the overall appearance of the interior and exterior of your home as well as how effective they are at retaining heat during the colder months. As a reputable installer of conservatories in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, we often get asked how to clean a conservatory roof, so we have come up with an easy guide to do just that!

How To Clean Conservatory Roof: Make It Sparkle

It is advised to wash your windows at least twice a year to ensure they maintain their condition and continue to be a place to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. Although hiring a window cleaner would mean that you can ensure the job is completed thoroughly, this could be an expensive alternative to something that can be easily completed yourself. To ensure that your windows and roof on your conservatory remain looking glorious, we have assembled the following information to help you out:

Man Cleaning Windows

The Best Items For The Job

To ensure that you have that professional window cleaning finish, make sure you stock up on all of the necessities! From the right equipment to the perfect products, here is everything that you will need to complete your immaculate conservatory roof cleaning:

You can always find window cleaning starter kits for equipment or a range of products on Argos, or take a look at Good Housekeeping for the best glass products to use.

Window Cleaning Products

Effective Washing: The Process

Regardless of where you may be cleaning, whether it be the windows or the roof, there is a very easy to follow and simple method that you should keep in mind. Whenever cleaning your conservatory, it is important to begin by removing the cobwebs using the dry brush, to avoid getting them tangled up in your equipment or spreading across the roof. Make sure that the windows and roof are also clear of any other debris such as moss. Then, take your bucket and pour in some window cleaning solution dependent on the instructions on the back of your products and then fill the rest of the bucket with warm water. The combination of the soap and warm water will help to break down any grease on the window surfaces, being especially effective when applied to the windows using a non-abrasive sponge.

If you need to clean your conservatory windows quickly and don’t have the time nor the funds to buy cleaning solutions, you could always opt for using vinegar in replacement of your cleaning product. To do this, fill an empty spray bottle with one part hot water and one part distilled vinegar. You can then directly spray the solution onto the window panes and polish off using a damp cloth. With this alternative, you have to make sure not to apply it to the windows whilst in direct sun. For extremely contaminated glass, prewash it with a soapy solution and then use the vinegar spray.

Make sure that you remove the excess water with a squeegee, as this will avoid the water making marks down the windows or on the roof. Make sure to periodically wipe the blade on a clean cloth or kitchen paper to prevent dirt build-up. Then, working your way up from top to bottom, remove any remaining water with a damp microfibre cloth.

Cleaning Conservatory Roof

Cleaning The Roof

Cleaning the roof of your conservatory may differ slightly; this is because the shape and the slanting of the windows may make the cleaning process difficult. However, the first step is similar to cleaning windows, as you will need to remove cobwebs and debris to ensure that your cleaning efforts are maximised and effective. The use of low-strength power washer has proved effective for removing all evidence of mould, moss or algae. Do not, however, use the full power of the pressure washer on the glass panels or windows as it will shatter them. Investing in a telescopic cleaning brush will help to eliminate the need for a ladder and will help make the task much simpler.

Once all of the debris has been effectively removed, you can start the cleaning process. Move methodically from one side of the roof to the other using a warm water soap solution, such as that used for the windows. Make sure to use as much soap as necessary to properly eradicate residue and stubborn grime. However, do not be tempted to use abrasive materials on tough stains as this will scratch the exterior. Instead, place a warm, damp cloth over areas of stubborn debris and allow it to gently soak of the dirt. Once you feel you have removed all evidence of dirt and grime, you can rinse it off using a hosepipe and leave to dry naturally or use an extended squeegee.

Cleaning Outside Conservatory Roof

Cleaning The Construction Frame

When having our team install double glazing in Aylesbury or the surrounding areas, you can be sure that the materials used to build your construction framework is of the highest quality. However, it is still important to know how to clean this frame properly to keep it in good condition. To clean the construction frame, you will need to use a slightly different method to cleaning the windows, but still taking care to ensure you do not damage the conservatory. When having your conservatory installed by our team, be sure to ask about the type of products that you can use on the framework to ensure that no damage is made.

It is best to use a simple soap-water solution to avoid damaging the materials with harsh chemicals. If your conservatory is made from timber, then you must also avoid harsh substances and make sure to use a suitable timber treatment. This will help weather the conservatory and ensure it endures the seasonal variations. You can complete the cleaning of the construction frame while cleaning the glass windows, ensuring you do not scrub hard on the material to avoid scratches or further damage.

Cleaning Conservatory Frame

Cleaning The Gutters

Having cleaned your windows, conservatory roof and conservatory framework, you may as well ensure you have performed a thorough job and clear out the gutters. This doesn’t just mean removing the leaves that have accumulated over the winter months but also thoroughly cleaning the gutters to ensure that rainwater can effectively flow into the drains.

To clean your gutters, start by popping on some rubber gloves and removing the debris, leaves, moss and anything else that has fallen into them. You can also purchase a drain rod to aid you with this task, removing excess waste blocking your drains due to build-up. Once you are sure everything has been removed, tip in some warm soapy water and gently scrub the inside of the gutter; this will help to soften any mud to allow it to flow down the gutters and into the drains. You can find out more information and tips on how to clean out your gutters by heading over to DIY Doctors.

Cleaning Gutters

Cleaning The Inside Of The Roof

The easiest and safest way to clean the inside of your conservatory roof is to use products that do not require you to go up and down a ladder. For example, using a bucket of water may prove difficult, while a spray bottle may be an easier solution. With a spray bottle, you are able to place it at the top of the ladder or hang it from your belt, then using a cloth to wipe. The first step to cleaning the inside of your conservatory windows is to make sure that the floor surface is covered using a large fabric cloth such as an old bed sheet; this will help to reduce the risk of slipping as well as damaging the conservatory flooring.

Once you have placed you ladder on the sheet, make your way up to the roof, use a clean cloth and cobweb remover to get rid of all the debris and webs that have accumulated. You can now start to clean your conservatory roof by spraying it with window cleaner and using a clean microfibre cloth. For cleaning the inside of your conservatory, it is a good idea to make sure that you are using products that are easy to use and non-toxic.

Cleaning Inside Conservatory

The Advantages Of A Professional Window Cleaner

If getting on top of a ladder a slightly difficult for you, or you have tried and failed to clean your conservatory, then a professional window cleaner is an ideal solution. Companies such as Facilities provide clients with high-quality window cleaning in Milton Keynes, offering you professional services that ensure your windows and conservatory roof and thoroughly cleaned. Other benefits of having a professional clean your windows and conservatory include the following:

  • Professionals can spot problems in your windows
  • Safer option as you don’t have to get up onto a ladder
  • They have the right tools and quality products
  • Increases the life of your windows and conservatory roof
  • Minimises future problems

Even if you do not have a professional clean your windows on a regular basis, we would still advise that you book one in every now and then. Maintaining your own cleaning as well as having a professional come in every other month or even a few times a year, can help you to reap the benefits of our conservatories with double glazing in a various different styles and designs

Professional Window Cleaner

Cleaning Your Pride And Joy

Cleaning the conservatory roof yourself won’t take too much time out of your day and can make sure that you enjoy your additional space all year round. Follow our thorough guide for expert advice to maintain and achieve that professional finish on your conservatory. Ensuring this task is completed several times a year will also help to maintain the quality of your windows and save you money long-term.

If you have unkept your conservatory beyond cleaning repair, or you have recently moved into a property with an old conservatory, speak to our team about upgrading your roof and windows in Buckingham or within the surrounding area. Our team specialised in conservatory design, constriction and repair, ensuring that your home addition suits you and your families needs.

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