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A conservatory is a fantastic way to enhance your home, offering ample living space that can be tailored exclusively to your vision. Whether you have recently moved into a new home equipped with a conservatory, are considering building your own or are looking to replace your existing structure, you most definitely won’t be short on interior design inspiration.

From creating the perfect haven for relaxation to a room dedicated to the littlest members of the family, there is a multitude of excellent decor ideas to choose from – so let’s take a closer look at our top conservatory decorating ideas!

Conservatory Decorating Ideas To Transform Your Space

Ideal for creating the perfect transition from home to garden, when designed correctly with high-quality materials, a conservatory will provide a usable, functional living space all year round. They have become increasingly popular amongst homeowners who are beginning to outgrow their property yet want to avoid selling up. In as little as 12 weeks, homeowners can enjoy a modern conservatory filled with design opportunities, providing them with that much-needed extra room they need to live comfortably inside their property.

If you are in the process of planning the build of a conservatory or feel it is time to give your current space a revamp, there are a wealth of stylish yet practical decor design options to choose from, including the following:

Brick Conservatory

Conservatory Interior Ideas

When working with our clients to design our conservatories in Milton Keynes, it couldn’t be more straightforward to customise each aspect to their requirements. We are often asked by clients about the different options on how to use a conservatory, but in reality, the possibilities truly are endless. If you are short on inspiration and not quite sure how you will purpose your new space, here are some of the most popular conservatory room ideas among our clients:

Conservatory Dining Room

Although many new build homes are designed with an open plan kitchen diner or dedicated dining areas, this is not always the case in older properties. For this reason, many of our clients opt for creating a homely conservatory dining room, perfect for spending time as a family at the end of each day or as a social hub for hosting guests. And thanks to the beautifully designed glazed components on conservatories, it also creates a fabulous hotspot for watching the sunset while you tuck into dinner or enjoying the morning sunshine over breakfast!

There are many wonderful decor ideas available when designing your conservatory dining room, but we recommend starting with the staple elements. Your dining table and chairs will take centre stage in your conservatory, so the best route would be to begin your search for these and then work the remainder of your furniture and accessories around them.

If you plan to use your conservatory to create the feel of al fresco dining, then furniture that is reminiscent of those you may find while on holiday would be a superb choice. Rattan or wooden dining sets are popular choices to create a rustic, relaxed aesthetic, perfect when you plan to open your bi-folding doors wide and allow the fresh air to seep in.

Another excellent choice, particularly for those who plan to use their conservatory for more than one function, is to install a breakfast bar with stools. The breakfast bar can be fitted along the wall joining your conservatory to your home, allowing the rest of the floorplan to remain clear and offering plenty of space for extra furniture such as sofas. For more great conservatory dining room ideas, take a look at Ideal Home!

Dining Room Conservatory

Conservatory Playroom

If you are finding that the smallest members of your family seem to be taking over your home with endless toys, then why not consider a conservatory playroom? Allocating one area of your property that is solely for the children to enjoy will not only give them a space they can call their own but also help you to keep the remainder of your rooms organised. The playroom can be kitted out with plenty of storage solutions, whether it may be shelving, boxes or ottomans, allowing you to keep some form of order amongst the chaos.

When decorating a playroom, one helpful tip we would always give is to keep the foundations of your interior design neutral. Although your children will love the playroom now, as they grow older, it is likely that they will no longer need nor use the space. At this stage, you may decide to repurpose your conservatory to create an additional living room or space to entertain guests, for example. Keeping the canvas of the conservatory simple, such as the walls, flooring and furniture, means that you will only need to replace the accessories when redecorating. This will prove a far more straightforward and cost-effective option, ensuring that your space can continue to be used for many years to come.

Conservatory Playroom

Conservatory Family Room

In some cases, homeowners may decide to invest in a conservatory simply as an added perk on their property, creating a novelty space that they have always had in mind. One of the most popular options for this is a conservatory family room filled with comfortable seating, video games and perhaps even a projector for a home cinema experience. Particularly for those with teenage children, it can often be tricky to find ways to spend time together, so by creating a space that will strike everyone’s interest, you can encourage quality time with one another.

If you are in the process of planning a conservatory that will act more as an entertainment room, we suggest opting for a solid roof style rather than a glazed one. This allows your conservatory to have more of an extension-like feel, better suited if you want to watch films in the evening as the room will become darker. You will also be able to install modern recessed lighting for a cosier atmosphere or statement light fittings for a quirky touch.

Although you may have a solid roof conservatory, this doesn’t mean you cannot take advantage of glazed features. Many of our clients opt for a skylight or roof lantern, allowing natural light to stream in during the day and giving them a chance to stargaze in the evening. Feel free to contact our team for more information on our different windows in Milton Keynes and how they can be integrated into your conservatory design.

Mother And Son In Conservatory

Conservatory Utility Room

A more practical way to use your conservatory is as a utility room; this is particularly beneficial for those with a bigger family. Much like the above, we recommend choosing a solid roof for your conservatory utility room, as this will make it feel like any other room in your home.

Alternatively, if you do opt for a glazed roof utility room, ensure that the space is fully equipped with double glazing to keep it at a comfortable temperature all year round. Without high-quality double glazing, you are likely to find that your conservatory becomes too cold in the winter and unbearably hot in the summer, making it unusable as a utility room. If you have an existing conservatory that is no longer functional due to poor-quality glazing, our team would be more than happy to arrange a home visit to discuss our double glazing in Milton Keynes.

When planning your utility room, practicality will be the focus as the room needs to be fit for its purpose. Although the elements you fill your conservatory with will be based on your requirements, utility rooms typically feature the following:

  • Washing machine
  • Tumble dryer
  • Cleaning cupboard
  • Storage for shoes and coats
  • Work surfaces
Grey Utility Room

Conservatory Lounge Area

While there are many fantastic options for how you plan to use your conservatory, in some cases, the most traditional option comes up top. A conservatory lounge area continues to be one of the most widely-used options, creating a room that is perfect for relaxing all year round. It couldn’t be more versatile, ideal for unwinding with the family, as well as a place to enjoy extra company when hosting guests without having to cause a mess in the main house.

In every lounge area, comfortable seating will be the main priority. However, as conservatories are designed primarily with glass, it will be important to choose materials that will be able to withstand the sunlight your space will attract. Although double glazing will prevent significant damage, fabrics such as polyester and rayon may still fade if you were to choose a bright colour. Leather is likely to also feel incredibly hot in the summer months, which will make your seating uncomfortable to sit on. For this reason, many homeowners opt for wicker furniture, which will not damage, then add a pop of colour and added comfort through plush cushions. Cyan Teak Garden Furniture stocks a fantastic range of furniture designed for conservatories, including not only sofas but also coffee tables and storage options.

Cosy Conservatory Decor Ideas

Following on from the above idea of transforming your conservatory into a lounge area, our specialists in conservatories in Aylesbury thought they would include some tips on how to make your space the perfect retreat to unwind. Many assume that because a conservatory is more of a bright and airy space with wooden floors and large windows, it cannot be homely, but this most definitely isn’t the case. There are many great cosy conservatory decor ideas that will make your room a wonderful hub for spending the evening snuggled up, reading a book or catching up with your favourite series. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Hang Blinds – Installing blinds is an excellent way to not only make your conservatory more private but also cosy. We would recommend choosing Venetian blinds or roller shades as when closed, these will sit compactly at the top of your window without disrupting your view. More information on the different types of blinds can be found on Home Stratosphere.
  • Create A Blanket Basket – Although having blankets draped across your seating looks super cosy, many homeowners feel it dampens their aesthetics. If this is the case, simply invest in a wicker basket and fill this with blankets, which can sit next to the sofa, allowing you to easily reach for one when it starts to get a little chilly.
  • Add A Rug – As mentioned above, conservatories are typically designed with wooden floors, which can be a little cold in the winter months. As the colder months draw in, consider laying a warm rug, as this will help to retain heat inside your conservatory. The Rug Seller stocks all manner of shapes, sizes, colours and materials!
Conservatory With Sofa And Coffee Table

Small Conservatory Decor Ideas

Although decorating a smaller conservatory will take a little more planning, you can still include all of the features you have in mind without the space becoming too overcrowded. It is always recommended to take advantage of popular small conservatory decor ideas, such as sticking with neutral colours and including clever storage solutions. This will allow plenty of natural light to bounce around the room and make it appear larger.

One excellent small conservatory idea, particularly for those who are planning to use their space as a dining room, is to fit banquette seating. Banquette seating is an L-shaped seat that runs across two walls and is designed to lift up to reveal storage underneath – just like an ottoman bed. It offers the perfect multi-functional addition to your conservatory, allowing you to keep the rest of your space clear. If you are new to the idea of banquette seating and are looking for inspiration, take a look at Decoist.

For those who are looking to create a more relaxing ambience in their small conservatory, instead of installing one large sofa, why not invest in two super comfortable armchairs? Armchairs are a wonderful way to create a cosy spot to unwind, creating a coastal feel, perfect for watching the sunset. Conservatory With Seating Area

Get Started On Your Dream Conservatory!

Regardless of how you choose to utilise your conservatory, you will never be short of decor ideas, allowing you to customise your space as much as you wish. Whether it may be a cosy lounge area, playroom or dining room, the key will always be to track down design inspiration and tailor each component to the shape and size of your space.

If you have an existing conservatory that is no longer fit for purpose, or you are hoping to enhance space through a new home addition, our team are always more than happy to help. Feel free to get in touch to begin discussing options and arrange a home survey!

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