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The front door is the entrance to your home. Not only is it used as a reflection of the interior of your property, but it also keeps your possessions safe from potential dangers. Above all, your front door should protect your home from the outside world, creating a durable, reliable and easy-to-use shield.

Although the front door has so many crucial responsibilities, it is a component of your property that is often overlooked. It is used every day without a doubt, yet many fail to spot warning flags that the door is beginning to deteriorate. With this in mind, we have devised a list of the most common signs that you need a new front door fitted.

Warning Signs You Need A New Front Door Fitted

We are all guilty of leaving items far beyond repair. With a busy schedule, it can be easy to push household duties to one side as other tasks take priority. However, when a problem begins to put your property at risk, then it can no longer be forgotten. As mentioned above, the front door takes centre stage on the exterior of your property. Not only must it be visually appealing to create a positive first impression, but it should also provide peace of mind that your family and belongings remain safe. Here are the top warning signs that your front door is crying out for a replacement.

Visible Damage

Front doors go through their fair share of wear and tear. Not only are they used every day without fail, but more times than not, they are knocked, dented and scratched along the way. While it is inevitable that doors will experience slight cosmetic damage, it is highly recommended to consider replacement when the appearance begins to look visually unappealing. A door filled with dents and scratches will do nothing but dampen first impressions of your property.

Along with accidental damage that has accumulated over time, also comes visible paint-related problems. Particularly if your existing door is made from wood, it becomes incredibly common for paint to begin to crack and peel due to extended exposure to adverse weather conditions. There are many different reasons as to why paint may experience cracking or peeling. In most cases, damaged paint is merely due to lack of maintenance and failure to regularly apply a fresh layer of varnish. Alternatively, the door may not have been adequately prepared before the initial painting. Before painting, the surface must be prepared through cleaning, sanding and priming to prolong results. If you want to experiment with repainting the door before considering replacement, a full guide on how to do so can be found on SF Gate.

Peeling paint on front door

Lack Of Security

Everyone should be able to relax for the evening or leave their home for a duration with peace of mind that their property is secure. The front door is the primary entrance to your home, which means that it is imperative for security to be of the highest level attainable. An unsecure front door poses a number of threats to both your family and possessions. According to, properties with no security measures are fives times more likely to be broken into.

If you notice that your front door mechanisms regularly jam, it has warped out of position or the lock is faulty, then you most definitely need to consider a replacement. In most instances, intruders enter a property via the front door by forcing open the lock or kicking the door down. You need to ensure that your property features enough security measures to deter criminals. An old, weathered and weak door will do nothing but make your home attractive to burglars, putting your home in an incredibly vulnerable position.

Once you have replaced your front door, there are a plethora of ways to improve security even further. Traditional methods such as a heavy-duty deadbolt or wide-angle peephole remain effective, alongside an array of modernised digital alternatives. A front door security camera equipped with motion sensor remains one of the most popular technology-based security measures. Many allow you to keep an eye on your home through an app using any device, in any location. has put together a helpful article on the best front door security cameras if you are interested in making the worthwhile investment.

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Moisture Between Glass

Particularly if you have purchased your door within the last ten years, it is more than likely that the glass panes featured would be double glazing. While double glazing is always a fantastic addition to any home, it does come alongside a few problems. With age and constant exposure to different weather conditions, the seal between the two panes of glass can begin to deteriorate. Seals can start to crack and lift, which means that they are no longer capable of stopping moisture from building up in between glazing. Failing to spot moisture in advance will lead to the growth of mould and mildew, both of which can have a detrimental impact on both your property and the health of those living inside.

Damp, mould and mildew all come alongside an array of potential health risks. Mould, in particular, produces allergens, irritants and toxic substances; all of which are then inhaled or touched by those near. While exposure to mould can negatively impact anyone, it can prove incredibly harmful to those who suffer from skin allergies, respiratory problems or a weakened immune system. More information on the dangers of damp and mould can be found on the NHS website.

With the above in mind, if you spot a build-up of moisture on your front door, it is recommended to speak to a professional about whether the issue can be resolved or whether replacement is the only option. You must always aim to eliminate any signs of moisture before it has a chance to produce damp and mould.

Condensation on glass

Sign Of Warping

Over time, you may notice that your door, mainly those that are wooden, has started to warp or bow. Warping is, in fact, an incredibly common issue and is caused by changing weather conditions. If there is a rise in humidity, heat or damp levels, the door starts to absorb moisture which means that it will expand and then shrink. The extent of expansion and shrinkage will differ depending on the type of wood.

Although doors expand and shrink during colder months when there is lots of rain, the warping actually begins during the Spring and Summer. This is because as the wood finally starts to dry out, it settles back into shape in a different position, often no longer in the frame. You can spot whether your door has started to warp by looking out for gaps around the top of the door. Gaps around the door will not only impact the safety of your property but also cause an increase in energy bills. As warm air is allowed to escape through the gaps, more energy will be used to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Depending on the size of the gaps, you may even become a hotspot for unwelcome visitors such as rodents.

Single Glazing

As mentioned above, the majority of new windows, doors and homes, in general, are all equipped with double glazing due to its array of benefits. With this in mind, if your door still features single glazing, then there is no better time than now to schedule an upgrade. Just some of the many advantages of transitioning to double-glazing include the following:

  • Improved Insulation – Due to the double layer of glass, both heat and sound insulation will be dramatically improved. Double glazing creates a durable barrier between the inside of your home and the world outside, reducing the amount of heat and noise transfer. It helps your house to remain at a comfortable temperature with minimal disturbances.
  • Reduced Energy Bills – Thanks to the enhanced insulation mentioned above, double glazing will promote an immediate reduction in energy bills. The ability to hold all of your heat inside during the Summer and prevent hot air from seeping in over the warmer months translates to lower energy consumption. Reducing your energy consumption is also a fantastic way of making your home more eco-friendly.
  • Increased Security – Double glazing is considerably more robust than single glazed alternatives, meaning that it is incredibly tricky to break the glass. By combining double glazing with the additional security measured mentioned previously, your home will be safe from danger.

Modern front door

Out Of Style

There doesn’t necessarily have to be an issue with your front door to justify replacement. In some cases, opting to refit your door may merely be because your current style is outdated and no longer complements the aesthetics of your property. Whether you own a modern or traditional home, it is imperative to find a front door that fits with the overall appearance. Your home is often seen as a reflection of your personality, so choose styles and colours that represent the first impression that you want to make on family, friends and visitors.

Having many years of experience specialising in replacement doors in Milton Keynes, Buckingham and all surrounding areas, Click Glazing has a wealth of knowledge on how to match products with properties. Teams will spend time understanding your requirements, door specifications and desired final look, before recommending the best route to guarantee unbeatable results.

Pale blue front door

Poor Insulation

If you have trialled all manner of draught-excluders and extra seals, yet are still feeling a cold breeze seeping through your front door, then it is time to schedule a full replacement. Poor insulation is one of the most noticeable signs that you need to replace your front door as it forces your home always to feel just that little extra chilly.

One of the easiest ways to check whether your door is letting through a draught is through the candle test. Simply light a candle and carefully move towards your front door. Hold the candle to the door and move it around the perimeter of the frame. If the flame starts to move, then here is where your draught it seeping through.

Difficulty To Open & Close

The primary function of a front door is to open and close with ease, so if this is beginning to prove difficult, then it is no longer serving its purpose. Your front door should not be sticking when you try to open it or dragging along the floor when closing. It shouldn’t be a task which causes a daily struggle, which means you most definitely need to schedule a replacement.

A door that proves complicated to open and close links directly to the problem of warping. In many cases, warping is the root cause of this issue, as the door no longer sits comfortably in the frame. The combination of the two can cause not only damage to your property but also risks security. Again, the door will be weak and unreliable, making your home more vulnerable to burglaries.

Spot The Warning Signs

It is imperative always to keep an eye out on the condition of your property to ensure that it remains safe and secure. The front door is the entrance to your home, which means that an old, weathered door and frame will convey the wrong message to both visitors and criminals. If you spot any of the eight warning signs mentioned above, it is highly recommended to resolve the issue before it has the opportunity to worsen. In doing so, you can save both time and money, keeping your property in immaculate condition and safe from potential risks.

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